Swissquote’s Yuh app launches fractional trading

The Yuh app, launched by Swissquote and PostFinance in May 2021, is beefing up its functionalities.

The app has launched fractional trading. With this new feature Yuh users will be able to invest in fractions of financial products: Shares, ETFs, Themes and Crypto starting from 25 CHF. Let’s note that this new investment feature requires using the latest version of the app.

Yuh has also added real time trading (provided market places are open) and 100+ of the most loved shares in its product universe.

Most recently, the app has expanded its cryptocurrency offering by adding assets such as Algorand, Cosmos and Filecoin.

In terms of payment, Yuh aims to help its users get their finances under control. A free Yuh Mastercard, real-time tracking, multi-currency accounts: everything is done to simplify and shed light on users’ finances.

Users of the app can invest in a variety of investment products, including shares and cryptos.

A unique feature offers users of the app to make use of Swissqoins. Swissqoin (SWQ) is an innovative crypto token backed by a reserve of Swiss francs that grows every month, as Yuh reinvests 10% of its revenue back into it. The more you use the app, the more Swissqoins you get, and the more you benefit from Yuh’s revenue. Traders can keep Swissqoins or redeem them for cash.

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