TradeStation Crypto announces new pricing plan

TradeStation Crypto, Inc, a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc., announced today a new price plan with reductions in taker fees of up to 50% and additional maker fees. And, the company charges no fees for crypto custody, deposits, or withdrawals.

While other firms may claim to offer free crypto trades, fees are often priced into a marked-up quote feed and operational charges for crypto movement and custody. TradeStation Crypto, in addition to providing easy onboarding and account funding, offers full price transparency with no markups or spreads as well as fast execution through its intelligent routing technology to a range of deep liquidity sources.

Under the new plan, traders with $100K or less of assets in their accounts will benefit from a simple flat commission. Traders with more than $100K of assets in their accounts will enjoy one of the most competitive maker/taker pricing plans in crypto.

As an added benefit of having a TradeStation Crypto brokerage account, TradeStation Crypto pays interest to customers on BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC and USDC holdings. TradeStation Crypto’s interest earning feature was among the first for crypto brokerage accounts. Under the new pricing plan, customers currently earn up to 6% per annum on eligible crypto assets in their TradeStation Crypto accounts.

People who want to get started trading crypto should apply for a TradeStation Crypto account through the company’s seamless account opening process.

Warning: Please, bear in mind, that legal restrictions may apply to cryptocurrency trading depending on the jurisdiction where you reside.

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