TradeStation Securities adds Micro Ether futures from CME to offering

TradeStation Securities, Inc now offers its futures clients the ability to trade Micro Ether futures contracts through CME Group. With Micro Ether futures, TradeStation Securities has expanded its suite of CME crypto and micro futures products as part of its commitment to providing traders and investors access to new products.

Also supported by TradeStation Securities, CME Group first launched Ether futures in February 2021. Since then, the notional value of Ether has appreciated, causing the amount of capital needed to access the futures market to significantly increase. Sized at one-tenth of one Ether and 1/500 the size of one Ether futures contract, Micro Ether futures provide a way for traders to manage Ether price risk and add diversification.

“Lowering the barrier of entry increases access for retail traders seeking to gain exposure to Ether and manage risk. Following the transition to Ethereum 2.0 earlier this year, which is designed to enhance the speed, efficiency, and scalability of the Ethereum network, we believe that demand in Ether-based futures products may grow,” said John Bartleman, President of TradeStation Group, Inc. “We were day one supporters of CME’s Ether futures product, and we’re looking forward to our continued relationship that allows us to enable our clients to access cryptocurrency trading opportunities through futures trading.”

“We are pleased TradeStation Securities is supporting the launch of our new Micro Ether futures,” said Tim McCourt, Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products at CME Group. “Since the launch of our first Bitcoin futures contract in 2017, we’ve evolved our crypto derivatives offerings to meet the needs of a wide range of market participants, from institutional traders to other sophisticated, active individual traders. As the demand for more micro-sized contracts continues to grow, TradeStation Securities, and the broader broker community, remain integral in not only facilitating trading but also educating traders on the benefits and risks of these products.”

TradeStation Securities futures clients can trade Micro Ether futures through the TradeStation Desktop Platform, Web and mobile. Both desktop and mobile platforms provide advanced visualization and analysis tools.

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