TradingView releases new version of Lightweight Charts

TradingView has released a new version of Lightweight Charts, the smallest financial charting package (43kb) ever. Lightweight Charts lead to no drag on web performance: so it’s really “light” for browsers and mobile web experiences.

Lightweight version 3.7.0 is faster than v3.6 by 25%. The overall improvement in comparison to v3.0 is 60%.

TradingView has also improved an updated series when it has lots of markers. In practice, this means that the chart remains responsive while recalculating thousands of markers in the tests.

There is a new baseline series type. Now users can fill the area from the maximum to the minimum value, same as TradingView provides for its users.

Previously, it was not possible to accurately position custom controls over the chart because there was not a proper API to get the size of the timeline axis and subscribe to change it. Now users can, as the developers have added additional methods to timeline API, including: width, height, and subscribeSizeChange.

Finally, the latest version of the solution offers certain fixes.

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