Valereum Blockchain signs option to acquire 80% stake in Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Gibraltar-based blockchain technology group Valereum Blockchain Plc today announced that it has signed an option to purchase 80% of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX).

The Global Stock Exchange Group, current owner of the GSX, will retain the remaining 20% shareholding and Valereum has an option on 20% of the Global Stock Exchange Group. The full details of the deal remain confidential.

The exercise of the Option and the acquisition of 80% of the GSX are subject to approval by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). In due course, if the acquisition successfully completes, Valereum intends to nominate directors to the board of the GSX, subject to regulatory approval.

The Directors of Valereum intend that the GSX will accept all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, Ethereum and Tether – which it will treat just like any other currency.

Commenting on the transaction, Richard Poulden, Chairman of Valereum, said:

“This deal represents the next stage in the evolution of digital assets becoming globally accepted and tradeable. It brings crypto closer to the mainstream and opens it up to be used in transactions with other asset classes. Just as The Rock of Gibraltar has been a physical port for centuries, GSX will encourage the next generation of digital assets to see Gibraltar as a virtual node in digital trade.”

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