Validus is a black platform! Has been warned by FMA And ASIC

To set things straight from the start, in our screenshot you can view the latest warning from the FMA of New Zealand on Validus on September 15th.

On November 18, Australia’s ASIC cited “Validus’ promotion of investments promising 300% returns to Australians”, “encouraging investors to recruit new investors to join the platform” and “Validus does not have an Australian Financial Services (AFS) license”. Warn Validus and put it on the warning list.

Change 3 domain names within 3 months
Validus is a newly built platform this year, but it has changed 3 domain names in 3 months.
The domain name will be established on February 25, 2022.
The domain name will be established on March 22, 2022.
The domain name will be established on May 28, 2022.
According to FX110’s investigation, Validus claims to be an online trade university. Through VALIDUS trading for 60 weeks and compound interest during this period to obtain a 300% return, the webpage also indicates that it has obtained Shariah compliance certification from Global Islamic Financial Services (GIFS), Financial product portfolios such as CFD, stocks, and cryptocurrencies can be promoted.

Please note that Islam does not regulate financial derivatives, and the Islamic GIFS claimed by the platform is only a corporate finance and investment consulting company and has no regulatory effect.
It can be seen that Validus is an unregulated black platform.

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