What is trading.live ? Best Finance Learning Streaming Community to Watch

What is trading.live ?
Trading Live is a financial learning streaming community belonging to Trading Live Ltd. It updated the Partner Program Guidelines at the same time. Trading Live renewed some rights to creators and branding partners in the new Partner Program Guidelines to facilitate collaboration.

These benefits include course revenue, advertiser sponsorship, advertising commissions, and marketing support on and off Trading Live.

For all creators who cooperated with Trading Live, creators will receive 100% of paid content sales through 2023/12/31.

Trading Live Guide
Trading Live aims to integrate professional creators and brokers for a win-win situation. Trading Live promises to introduce advertisers to creators with high-quality content, helping them monetize their knowledge more directly. The broker, on the other hand, can directly select creator channels for advertising.

Trading Live will be a platform with opportunities for upcoming financial creators on YouTube and TikTok. For some financial creators who are just starting out, their expertise is undeniable, but they don’t know how to build and develop their own IP. Trading Live’s marketing support for creators can help them focus more on content creation and content optimization.

At the same time, Trading Live gives priority to verified creators to participate in their global expo. In the second half of 2022, Trading Live has been held Expo in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, with more than 15 verified creators invited as special guests.

Trading Live has partnered with more than 200 finance lecturers worldwide, most of whom are in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

In the future, Trading Live will go even beyond. We will continue to explore the field of financial learning and provide multilingual, diversified, and selected content for investors worldwide.

About the Trading Live
Trading Live is a financial learning streaming community focusing on investment knowledge-sharing&learning, which is a sub-brand of FastBull Group. Trading Live has gathered a community of financial lecturers across the globe to remove knowledge barriers and help lecturers monetize their expertise.

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