Dukascopy Japan reduces MT4 transaction fees

Online trading company Dukascopy Japan is improving trading conditions for its clients who trade on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

In a short notice published on its website today, the broker informs its clients that the transaction fee for MT4 trading accounts has been reduced. The changes are effective Monday, August 30, 2021. The transaction fee has been reduced to 30 yen instead of a maximum of 35 yen one way per 1 million yen transaction amount.

There is no change in transaction fees for JForex accounts.

Customers who are familiar with MT4 can also experience the abundant liquidity that is the strength of Dukascopy’s SWFX (Swiss FX Marketplace) through the platform.

MT4 is a trading platform widely used around the world. It offers using Expert Advisors, interactive charts. Clients of Dukascopy Japan can trade 38 currency pairs on MT4.

There are three charts available, including bar chart, candlestick chart, and line chart. Traders can also make use of 23 types of analytical objects (lines, channels, etc). There are also 30 types of technical indicators available.

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