Exclusive: Valutrades CEO Graeme Watkins joins board of Singapore fund AMB Megatrend

FNG Exclusive… FNG has learned that Graeme Watkins, CEO of London based Retail FX and CFDs broker Valutrades, has joined the board of a Singapore based investment fund called AMB Megatrends.

AMB Megatrend is an FX and commodities investment fund founded and managed by Indonesia based serial FX entrepreneur Anil M. Bahirwani, who founded and ran Monex Investindo Futures, Indonesia’s leading retail broker. The fund gives investors access to a proprietary risk management system developed by Anil and his team over the past 12 years while establishing one of the most prominent FX and commodities liquidity providers in Indonesia.

FNG spoke with Graeme about his joining the AMB board, he commented that his wide ranging knowledge of the FX marketplace and trading systems will allow him to help AMB Megatrend to deploy cutting edge technologies and ensure best execution of its strategies.

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