Interactive Brokers announces global launch of ‘IMPACT’ mobile trading platform

Electronic trading major Interactive Brokers Group (NASDAQ:IBKR) today introduced IMPACT to investors worldwide.

IMPACT is a patent pending mobile trading application designed to help investors easily align their portfolios with their values and help shape the future they wish to see. Expanding upon Interactive Brokers’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) trading initiatives, IMPACT by Interactive Brokers features a simple and intuitive app design that streamlines the sustainable investing process for any investor.

Following the launch of IMPACT to U.S. investors, the global launch comes at a time when ESG considerations have become increasingly important to investors on a global scale. The Global Impact Investor Network estimates the total size of the market at USD 715 billion managed by 1,720 organizations.

IMPACT allows investors to select their personal investment criteria from 13 impact values and principles, such as Clean Air, Pure Water, Ocean Life, and Land Health.

Based on these selections, the app provides impact scores on existing portfolios and holdings and identifies companies that align with investors’ selected criteria. (Interactive Brokers uses ESG data provided by third-party vendors and combines it with a client’s value preferences to generate impact scores.) This, along with the ability to review financial metrics for stocks and examine companies’ impact scores, affords investors the opportunity to improve their scores through the selection of alternative companies in a simple and efficient manner.

IMPACT also includes the “Swap” feature, a unique offering that gives users the ability to swap positions in the same dollar amount from one security to another. With one tap, investors can buy and sell securities simultaneously based on the comparative impact scores of one company versus another.

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