Trading.Live Review 2023 !You Need To Know


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TradingLive is an innovative online education platform that aims to break down boundaries and bridge the gap between ordinary and professional investors through live broadcasts. Speakers at TradingLive are consisted of veterans from top financial institutions around the world who have rich practical experience and can provide users with the latest, most professional, and practical financial knowledge and skills in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Join Is TradingLive Worth It?

The Bottom Line: Yes, Join Is Tradinglive Worth it .

Tradinglive is the best forex trading live stream platform in 2023。The answer is quite easy: allow users to enjoy the cross-language and high-quality lecturer modules for free whilst providing the comfort of learning in their own languages.

What is TradingLive ?

TradingLive is the world’s first multi-lingual financial streaming community dedicated to the mission of “making investment learning more efficient and knowledge sharing easier.”

TradingLive offers dozens of live sessions on a daily basis, where you can get the most updated fundamental analysis on the market, including FED meeting, interest rate hike, NFP, GDP growth, and considerate instruction on using technical indicators, such as MACD,bollinger bands, fibonacci retracement, to name a few.

With TradingLive, you are able to ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage with other learners, which makes your learning more engaging and memorable than simply watching pre-recorded videos or reading textbooks.

Who is TradingLive For?

By connecting the like-minded individuals and a pool of talents excelling in trading,  that offers a unique and engaging way for traders from beginning to advanced levels to gain the knowledge and skills.

In addition to its key Videos features , TradingLive is available on both iOS and Android systems, unshackles learning from previous restraints.

Key Features of TradingLive:

Learn with Dr. Lambeau

TradingLive offers a wealth of educational materials, including market analysis, video tutorials, and interactive quizzes. With a step-by-step approach, it is easy for you to follow along and understand the concepts, which is especially helpful for beginners who are just starting out in forex trading.

While most forex education platforms offer training videos featuring traders or analysts as lecturers, TradingLive goes the opposite way by telling forex stories through cartoon characters in a fun way, as human beings are subconsciously built to resist learning. Boring, difficult, and mundane content discourage the audience to finish watching the videos.

Learn in events

Other than online content, TradingLive also offers offline hands-on learning opportunities to solidify your understanding of the market and gain practical experience.

On April 1, TradingLive successfully concluded a seminar held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where dozens of veteran traders and financial experts shared their views on the market, investment cases, and lessons they have learned in the past. It is a great gathering for forex traders to exchange ideas, discuss market movements, learn practical investment strategies, and keep pace with market trends.

Meanwhile, TradingLive has launched the Trading Influencers Awards in order to honor outstanding traders and top trading influencers in the financial industry.

In the future, TradingLive will organize a series of seminars to educate forex traders and establish a larger trading community.


Trading is really hard. Plus, it can get lonely.

On TradingLive, you can easily share your ideas with other experienced traders and see what strategies are working for profitable veterans.

Sure, reading books on technical analysis and practicing with paper trading is beneficial, but one of the best ways to improve your trading is by learning from others and having them test your assumptions and strategies. This is one of the fastest ways to pick up on the nuances of trading, which is often the difference between profits and losses.

In TradingLive’s Trade Ideas section, You can get immediate feedback from our top-notch lecturers, who are all experts in trading and instruction, and other viewers. This will help refine your understanding of the markets. This is one of the fastest ways to level up your trading skills and discover new technical analysis techniques

TradingLive’s Community gives you direct exposure to learn every facet of effective trading from some of the world’s best traders.


Is a trading platform?

No, is a trading learning and sharing platform.

What creative forms does Trading Live support?

There are mainly four forms of creation: live broadcast, short video, long video, and e-book.