SNB forecasts annual profit of around CHF 26 billion for 2021

According to provisional calculations, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) expects to report a profit of around CHF 26 billion for the 2021 financial year.

The profit on foreign currency positions amounted to just under CHF 26 billion. A valuation loss of CHF 0.1 billion was recorded on gold holdings. The net result on Swiss franc positions amounted to over CHF 1 billion.

The allocation to the provisions for currency reserves will be CHF 8.7 billion. After taking into account the distribution reserve of CHF 90.9 billion, the net profit will be over CHF 108 billion.

This will allow a dividend payment of CHF 15 per share, which corresponds to the legally stipulated maximum amount, as well as a profit distribution to the Confederation and the cantons totalling CHF 6 billion.

The overall profit distribution of CHF 6 billion corresponds to the maximum distribution in accordance with the agreement between the Federal Department of Finance and the SNB of 29 January 2021. Of the total amount to be distributed (CHF 6 billion), one-third goes to the Confederation and two-thirds to the cantons. After these payments, the distribution reserve will amount to over CHF 102 billion.

A detailed report on the annual result with definitive figures will be released on 7 March 2022.

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